Going T.V. Free

I have a fear of failing — when I make a mistake, I automatically think that I am worthless and stupid. Most of my mistakes happen when I am feeling very anxious or insecure which, in turn, makes me feel more anxious and insecure — thus begins a perpetual state of anxiety.

When I am feeling very stressed or anxious, I tend to distract myself by watching a movie or T.V. show. For a moment, my mind is not thinking about whatever was making me feel so stressed, but the characters and the plot unfolding right before my eyes. The problem with this is that as soon as the movie or show is over, those feelings of anxiety return and are sometimes even more amplified than before. Watching a screen is an easy distraction, but not a beneficial one. I have come to rely on it as my only method of distraction though.

With this in mind, I have chosen to spend my free-time discovering alternative, more productive, ways to distract my mind from thoughts that cause me stress and anxiety. I enjoy to read, write, and listen to music, so I’ll start there.

The goal is to find activities that leave me feeling relaxed long after I am done doing them. Netflix its been great, but I think we need a bit of a break.